Sunday, September 28, 2008

I am on my way!

As you see on the right hand info bar my 1st weight goal was to get from 252 to 240. Yesterday I did it!!! For reaching that first goal I was going to reward myself. I just wasn't sure how.

Still not enough weight has been lost for new clothes, and yummy junk food was not an option. So today while I was out with my family and my mom, she suggested a tattoo! I have always wanted one with my kids initials but I chicken out every time. Last year I had it all picked out and the appointment book and then I found out I was pregnant with my little baby girl. So again I backed out.

Today I did not!!!! I did it!!! I got inked! My very first tattoo and I love it. It hurt like hell but for me it represents the hard work that I have gone through to loose this first 12lbs. As you see it is a 4 leaf clover (a way of wishing myself luck in my weight loss/health journey and it has our initials, Coleen, Chris, Austin and Ruari a symbol that we're all doing it together!) vIt will always remind me of the show and the amazing people I have been fortunate to work with because of it. I can't thank them enough!

I still have a long way to go, but I am motivated and finally ready to do it for myself and my family rather than just because I don't like how I look. I know in my mind AND my heart that I need to do it for my health and for my kids future.


Lynnette said...

That is so "YOU"! I am proud of you for making your first tattoo something of importance in your life. I hope the TV people know how lucky they are to work with you as much as you are happy to work with them. From everything you have told us it sounds like those people are an amazing team and just the thing you needed!

You are one of the most amaizng people I know, inside and out no matter what size you are.

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Just plain old awesome.

Rosie said...

Congratulations Coleen,
I'm very inspired by your determination and dedication to yours and your family members health. That is just fantastic and I know that you will reach your goal in no time. I can't wait to see you and your family and to also of course see the show when it airs.

Love Rosie

Roni said...


And Congrats!! You are doing Awesome!!