Saturday, October 4, 2008

So many things going on!

Ok so here's a recap of the week.

On Wednesday Kelly (the AP) came over with s whack of wardrobe options for me. We were looking for the perfect outfit for the final day of filming. You know the rotating pedestal scene? Something that actually shows that I have lost some pounds/inches! One store they had picked up some items form was Lululemon... All I can say is OMG!!! I had hear it was really pricey and they would not have anything to fit someone of my size. Well first of all they had clothes in my size (yay!) and second, even though I can't afford it, I love it! It is worth every penny spent. Too bad I'll never buy it for myself. Though I can enjoy wearing it for that day anyway! I can't rationalize spending $200+ on a workout outfit for myself when I have 2 kids who I could spend that on instead. I don't get final say on what I will be wearing but I trust this team to choose the best option. You'll have to tune in to find out.

It was a ton of fun just trying on all this different stuff. Something I have NEVER done before.

Then came the news that they set up a hair appointment for me for Tuesday, so my hair will be freshly cut/coloured/styled for Wednesday's taping. The salon and hair dresser were recommended by Alison Griffiths who is the host of a Canadian financial show. She always looks top notch so, while I normally don't like to go to new stylists, I feel much more comfortable knowing she comes recommended.

I plan on wearing contacts and actually putting on some makeup for the last day!

I haven't weighed in since last weekend, but this has been a particularly bad end to the week. I wound up "emotional eating" and it really may have hurt me. I am feeling bad because of the guilt but I know I can't do anything about it now. I'll weigh in either today or tomorrow and will post the results.


cvargen said...

Don't beat yourself up Coleen, about the emotional eating - was it only for one day? Hopefully the scale will still go in the right direction!! Is the show over already??? Can't believe it!! I love in CA and would like to know if will be airing here?? Please let me know - thanks, Cathy

Anonymous said...

Well I think if you eat junk once in all this time then you are doing better than most. Keep up the good work! I am also wondering if I will be able to watch the show from where I live in Dublin?