Monday, October 6, 2008

The scale is making me smile...

We are almost done filming the show! I know... time flies eh?

It's been 6 weeks since we started the show and 4 weeks since we got our meal plan/diet and fitness plan. The scale is getting a bit easier to deal with. Seeing the numbers keep going down makes me feel amazing!! I am now down a good chunk of weight! For the first time I actually WANT to take pictures of myself and post them on my blog. In fact I might just do that today. I started in a size 24 (yikes!!!) and now I am in a 20!!! I lost another 2 pounds which equals 16 pounds total. For me that is huge! I can actually pull my jeans down without undoing them (put that on a resume!) I have until Wednesday morning to loose as much as I can in time for the final taping. Regardless of the short amount of time left, I think I have done very very well!

Today I will be taking a photo of myself in my favorite jeans so you can see exactly how my weight is coming off. Watch for that update later.