Sunday, October 19, 2008

Getting in the game...

My whole adult life I have avoided exercise. I hate exercise and it hates me too. I have been the type of person to watch from the sidelines secretly wishing I could get in the game. Too bad I knew I couldn't actually do it- physically. I have never been to a gym. Good lord, even the word gym scared the ever livin' crap out of me! Imagine my shock when Chris suggests that we stop in to our local gym to inquire.

Inquire? As if. I don't need to inquire to know what goes on in there. A busload of meat heads and their body builder girlfriends are inviting each other to come see the "gun show". Not only do I not belong in a place like that, I know people would stare at my jiggly bits. Frankly I am just one large jiggly bit. I know I am on the right track and I have lost weight, but not enough to go into a gym! Here's the conversation between Chris and I:
CHRIS: Hey, since we're in the neighbourhood, why don't we go inquire at the gym?
ME: Inquire? Inquire about what? I already know what happens in a gym, and I'm not going.
CHRIS: I mean about prices and services.
ME: You can go, I'll wait in the car. I am NOT signing up for a gym.
AUSTIN: I wanna go too, maybe kids can work out there.
ME: Kids aren't allowed in gyms.
CHRIS: Come on... just come with me.
ME: No... I'm good. I'm not going.
CHRIS: You'd be better if you went to a gym.
ME What!!!???? What does that mean.
CHRIS: Nothing... Just come with me...
ME: Fine but I'm not signing up, END OF STORY!!!

So in we go to the gym. Me going into a gym is like the devil walking into a church. I practically brace myself and close my eyes tight, I know at any moment I'm going to be struck by lightning. I wait a minute or two then after realizing I am ok, I look around. Yup, it's a gym alright. Workout music is blasting people are working out upstairs and a manager rushes at us, obviously smelling new prey. He asks how he can help us and of course Chris starts up this big chat with him. He offers us a tour. Great now we're gonna go look at the meat heads and the female bodybuilders I spoke of before... We tour the women's locker rooms. It's really luxurious and the change rooms and showers are really private. Perhaps no one will see my naked jiggly bits after all. I go continue through and find a eucalyptus steam room! Hmmm... so far so good. Then comes the pool, I like the idea of a pool, but I bet it costs extra to use it. I tour the women's gym, no men aloud in the section! This could be ok... No beefed up chicks in here, just regular women big and small.

I come back and meet up with the guys who just finished touring the men's locker room and the youth gym. This must mean that kids CAN workout her after all. I owe Austin an apology. He is soo excited and he tells me that when working out he can play video games!! Cool!

Next we go upstairs to the main coed gym. I nearly fall over when I look around and see REGULAR people, not a single meat head!!! Whoa, I never thought it would be possible!

In the end I am so excited about this place!! That I am the one begging to sign up.

We got a family membership for all 4 of us. Wait... you must be asking why we would get a membership for Ruari right? Well, daycare costs 175.00 for 1 child and since she would just be an add on fourth member, her membership is only $96.00 for the year, giving us unlimited daycare and uses of the pool for her! It turns out that they were running a 1/2 price sale on the cost of memberships so I pay $68/month for all of us for full use of EVERYTHING!!!

I have already been 3 times and we only signed up on Thursday night. We all went on Friday night and I went for 3 hours Friday night and 3 hours yesterday morning.

I don't feel like I am out of place there a bit and best of all when I was there yesterday I burned 340 calories PLUS whatever I burned doing laps in the pool for 40 minutes!!!



Gotta run, I'm heading to the gym... Again!


Anonymous said...

That is sooo cool, Coleen - your excitement is contagious! :D Maybe I'll just have to sign up, too! Keep up the good work!! Cathy

Anonymous said...

I once won a free trail membership to a gym and was too scared to even go close to it. I have a fear of people watching me. I won't even workout in front of my own husband. Great job Coleen. Now I know why you haven't been posting much, you've become a gymaholic. :)

Missy said...

You came a long way & I'm so proud of you! You're doing great and you'll succeed at this (I just know it). Keep us posted on your progress.

I cannot wait for the show to air ...


Jeannie said...

YOU are going to the gym? Now I know hell must have frozen over. You are so anti-gym, and now you have a membership and even love it? What has this show doen to you? Good job on the dedication to your new lifestyle!!

Anonymous said...

how goes the battle???

Anonymous said...

Why has this not been updated in a while?