Saturday, August 30, 2008

Day 3 of filming includes FUN FUN FUN!

It was nice to have a break yesterday but we were back at it today. We started really early. We were scheduled to be at the local pool for 8:30m to shoot me taking the kids swimming.

We were looking forward to swimming, as we always do. HOWEVER, it wasn't what we expected. It was fun for the short amount of time we actually swam. Most of it was us being directed to do certain things. Me sitting with Ruari at the table watching Austin swim, cannonball etc. Then I took Ruari in for a short bit. She had a blast!

Austin and I both had to be on camera in our bathing suits (eeeeek!!!)

Upon arriving home form the pool around 10:30am, Ruari and I got a break, and the guys went to the park to play b-ball together. The filmed them doing this and there we so many takes of them running across the court that they were wiped!

I was at home trying to get the baby to take a nap, which she refused to do, though she was due for one.

When they were done the did an on camera interview with both of them separately.

Then we had to change and get ready for our family portraits and the family shot for the intro of the show. I wore a dress, I am now regretting it but notice that I look huge in it, so it should make for a good before shot for the "before & afters".

Ruari was an absolute angel. by 1:30 she was still going, one minute she was smiling and happy and totally camera ready. The minute we were done she litter ally melted. Just slumped over in her stroller and was OUT COLD, good thing it was time to break for lunch.

After lunch they filmed Austin in his living room playing video games/having a snack.

We all had to do on camera Q&A.

Austin and I shot a scene where I was doing dishes and he came to get a glass of pop. I scolded him and told him "no more pop". This is a regular occurrence in our house.

LAstly Chri and I had to clim into bed and do a scene where we are laying in bed watching TV having snacks. Seriously it was very natural, just laying there al cozy together talking like normal.

Today's highlights: swimming, getting really comfortable with the crew (they are fantastic), another catered lunch and lazing in bed watching TV (though it was just the blue screen).

Me and Ruari in the pool

Tony the best cameraman EVER! getting ready to shoot Austin's pool interview

Cameraman-Tony and the Producer/director- Kelly during the group family shot

Chris and I after the family pics.

Our sweet little girl moments after she finally fell asleep

after being awake with no nap for 7 hours

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Holy smokes we're tired!

It was day 2 of filming today. Not much sleep last night because we were wiped out. We found out our diet and exercise plan isn't given to us until next Wednesday so we have a week to eat our last meals of junk food. At 10:00pm last night we had McDonald's for dinner. Today actually took some work. They arrived at 10:00am.

The days filming agenda was as follows.

1.) Me in bed while Ruari babbles quietly, then not so quietly, waking me up. A bleary eyed version of me rolling over and going to Ruari and getting her up and ready for the day. This took 4 takes, to get different points of view. I had to change Ruari from pj's to a dress 4 times. She was so happy the whole time.

2.) After getting the baby ready I had to go upstairs to Austins room and wake him up. He had to portray a grouchy version of himself, not happy to be up. I should have left him in bed and did the real thing, but I woke him early, he showered got clean pj's on and hopped back into bed when he was ready for his "wake up scene". His took 4 takes in order to get various points of view

3.) I had to be down in the kitchen starting breakfast for the family. I had to cook bacon eggs hash browns and toast, get the babies fruit and cereal ready. During which time Chris was arriving home from work (he works midnights) and coming to help.

4.) We had to eat breakfast and converse as a family on camera. So uncomfortable. Then Chris went to bed and Austin did his chores.

5.)I had to be filmed going grocery shopping with the baby. They had to relabel all the food, to cover the logos and brand names. So weird! Then I had to be filmed loading the car and driving home.

6.) I had to be filmed unloading the car and bringing in all the heavy groceries. Of course this was followed by Putting them away

7.) While I was putting the groceries away Chris and I had to have a conversation about how tired I was and that we should just order take out. Chris called for a bucket of fried chicken on camera.

8.) They had to relabel the food when it arrived so you can't see the KFC logo or name, but you can still see what it is. Then we had to eat on camera again! Today's highlights: $150.00 worth of free groceries, Free KFC Mega meal dinner, multiple compliments on how amazing my little family is, knowing that we have a day off tomorrow!

Today was long again, from 10am-7pm, back at it on Saturday.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

What have we gotten ourselves in to?

Today was day 1 of filming. First when they arrived at 11:30 were were introduced to the production team. It consisted of Kelly-producer, Meagan-associate producer, Hartley-associate producer, tony-cinematographer/cameraman, Andrew-cameraman, Brian-sound guy, a lady from the legal department (forgot her name), Suzanne- host/dietitian, Steve- Host/fitness expert.

We filmed what they call "confessions". Basically we go on camera and discuss our weight issues, bad habits and anything else in our lives that they want to ask. Some of the questions were: What was the best time in your lives, When were you at your healthiest, Do genes play a factor, what was your life like growing up, do you have illnesses in your family, how are things in the bedroom (I swear they asked)

Sooo many people in our house with so much equipment. Seems so strange to see the behind the scenes. I have some photos to share, to give you an idea of what it looked like.

Me and my hubby-Chris and our baby girl-Ruari
hanging in the kitchen right before we got started

Chris, our son- Austin and our daughter- Ruari

Brian-the sound guy getting Chris set up with a mic pack.

The two cameramen (Andrew-left, Tony-right) setting up

The 2 hosts (Suzanne & Steve) and the producer-Kelly going over the confession questions

During our conversation with the dietitian she gave us journals to record some info. What they are looking for is:

1.) What we eat and how much.

2.) When we eat.

3.) Our emotions/thoughts when we're eating

This will help her to develop a meal plan that is suitable for us and address any underlying reasons behind why we eat.

Day 1 is over, being on day 2 (but let us get a good nights sleep first). This was a REALLY long day. We didn't "wrap" until 9:00pm!!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

We're going to be on TV!

So there we were standing in the kitchen preparing dinner when the phone rings. It says "RTR MEDIA" on the display. I totally froze, not really wanting to pick up the phone because I know they are going to ell us we were not selected. At the last second I answer. This is (roughly) the conversation:

Producer: "Hi! Is this Coleen?"
ME: "This is Coleen speaking."
Producer: "Hi Coleen, this is ***** from RTR Media, is the rest of the Thompson family with you now"
ME: "Actually yes the are, we're just getting dinner ready."
Producer: "Well I just wanted to call and say.... CONGRATULATIONS! You are going to be the family featured in our pilot episode!!!"
ME: "OMG!!! (mumble to the family theat we were picked)

At this point the conversation goes a little hazy, because we were freaking out!

So here's what I know. They are in a hurry to put it together so we have until next week to get used to the idea because next Wednesday they will be taping the first day here in our home.

Let the excitement begin, and it did. We received 4 phone calls from people in the production team to say congrats and that they look forward to working with us. So sweet!

They're deciding as we speak...

So today is the day the meeting with the TV execs happens. They review the tapes of the potential families to see which one is best suited for the show. Even though the liklihood of us being chosen is very slim, I know my family is amazing even if they don't. My only concern is how suited for TV we would be. Normally we would shy away from this type of thing. At any rate we have unti lthe end of the week for them to decide, so there is no sense in getting worked upnow.

Monday, August 18, 2008

OMG, was I ever wrong...

So it turns out that sometimes the TV people actually do call us regular folks.

I got a phone call back at 10;00am today to let us know they liked my story and our family photos. They said that they were at the end of the interview proccess and we had caught their attention just in time. The only catch was that they had to present the potential families to the execs on Tuesday, yes tomorrow. This meant if we wanted to be considered they HAD to come out TODAY!!! So just a few short hours later they were all set up in my living room to do an "on camera" interview. They spent about an hour and a half talking to us and doing a walk through of our house. Thanked us for our time and then explained that while they did really like us it would be up to the execs to pick a family from the ones being put forth as potential candidates.

Talk about exciting. Even if we don't get picked we think it's really cool that we are in the running! We were been told we would find out at the end of the week as they wanted to begin shooting as soon as possible. Now we had to hold our breath and wait. We are trying not to get our hopes up (much!!)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

TV people never pick real people. Riiight?

Today I came across the description of a new show coming out. They were even currently looking for families to be on the show. The family they were looking for sounded just like us. So on behalf of my family I applied to be on it. Not even thinking anything of it. After all these people never really call back right?

This is the description of the show and the families they are looking for.

About the Show
Are you out of shape, overweight and worried your kids aren’t far behind? Do your kids spend more time playing video games than playing outside? Do you “take out” more than you eat in? Are you and your family ready for an exercise and diet plan that will give you a healthier, happier, lifestyle?

It is not a diet show. It is not about the latest trends or the "perfect" body. It is about changing your life and the lives of the people you love forever.