Monday, August 18, 2008

OMG, was I ever wrong...

So it turns out that sometimes the TV people actually do call us regular folks.

I got a phone call back at 10;00am today to let us know they liked my story and our family photos. They said that they were at the end of the interview proccess and we had caught their attention just in time. The only catch was that they had to present the potential families to the execs on Tuesday, yes tomorrow. This meant if we wanted to be considered they HAD to come out TODAY!!! So just a few short hours later they were all set up in my living room to do an "on camera" interview. They spent about an hour and a half talking to us and doing a walk through of our house. Thanked us for our time and then explained that while they did really like us it would be up to the execs to pick a family from the ones being put forth as potential candidates.

Talk about exciting. Even if we don't get picked we think it's really cool that we are in the running! We were been told we would find out at the end of the week as they wanted to begin shooting as soon as possible. Now we had to hold our breath and wait. We are trying not to get our hopes up (much!!)