Tuesday, August 19, 2008

We're going to be on TV!

So there we were standing in the kitchen preparing dinner when the phone rings. It says "RTR MEDIA" on the display. I totally froze, not really wanting to pick up the phone because I know they are going to ell us we were not selected. At the last second I answer. This is (roughly) the conversation:

Producer: "Hi! Is this Coleen?"
ME: "This is Coleen speaking."
Producer: "Hi Coleen, this is ***** from RTR Media, is the rest of the Thompson family with you now"
ME: "Actually yes the are, we're just getting dinner ready."
Producer: "Well I just wanted to call and say.... CONGRATULATIONS! You are going to be the family featured in our pilot episode!!!"
ME: "OMG!!! (mumble to the family theat we were picked)

At this point the conversation goes a little hazy, because we were freaking out!

So here's what I know. They are in a hurry to put it together so we have until next week to get used to the idea because next Wednesday they will be taping the first day here in our home.

Let the excitement begin, and it did. We received 4 phone calls from people in the production team to say congrats and that they look forward to working with us. So sweet!