Saturday, August 30, 2008

Day 3 of filming includes FUN FUN FUN!

It was nice to have a break yesterday but we were back at it today. We started really early. We were scheduled to be at the local pool for 8:30m to shoot me taking the kids swimming.

We were looking forward to swimming, as we always do. HOWEVER, it wasn't what we expected. It was fun for the short amount of time we actually swam. Most of it was us being directed to do certain things. Me sitting with Ruari at the table watching Austin swim, cannonball etc. Then I took Ruari in for a short bit. She had a blast!

Austin and I both had to be on camera in our bathing suits (eeeeek!!!)

Upon arriving home form the pool around 10:30am, Ruari and I got a break, and the guys went to the park to play b-ball together. The filmed them doing this and there we so many takes of them running across the court that they were wiped!

I was at home trying to get the baby to take a nap, which she refused to do, though she was due for one.

When they were done the did an on camera interview with both of them separately.

Then we had to change and get ready for our family portraits and the family shot for the intro of the show. I wore a dress, I am now regretting it but notice that I look huge in it, so it should make for a good before shot for the "before & afters".

Ruari was an absolute angel. by 1:30 she was still going, one minute she was smiling and happy and totally camera ready. The minute we were done she litter ally melted. Just slumped over in her stroller and was OUT COLD, good thing it was time to break for lunch.

After lunch they filmed Austin in his living room playing video games/having a snack.

We all had to do on camera Q&A.

Austin and I shot a scene where I was doing dishes and he came to get a glass of pop. I scolded him and told him "no more pop". This is a regular occurrence in our house.

LAstly Chri and I had to clim into bed and do a scene where we are laying in bed watching TV having snacks. Seriously it was very natural, just laying there al cozy together talking like normal.

Today's highlights: swimming, getting really comfortable with the crew (they are fantastic), another catered lunch and lazing in bed watching TV (though it was just the blue screen).

Me and Ruari in the pool

Tony the best cameraman EVER! getting ready to shoot Austin's pool interview

Cameraman-Tony and the Producer/director- Kelly during the group family shot

Chris and I after the family pics.

Our sweet little girl moments after she finally fell asleep

after being awake with no nap for 7 hours