Thursday, August 28, 2008

Holy smokes we're tired!

It was day 2 of filming today. Not much sleep last night because we were wiped out. We found out our diet and exercise plan isn't given to us until next Wednesday so we have a week to eat our last meals of junk food. At 10:00pm last night we had McDonald's for dinner. Today actually took some work. They arrived at 10:00am.

The days filming agenda was as follows.

1.) Me in bed while Ruari babbles quietly, then not so quietly, waking me up. A bleary eyed version of me rolling over and going to Ruari and getting her up and ready for the day. This took 4 takes, to get different points of view. I had to change Ruari from pj's to a dress 4 times. She was so happy the whole time.

2.) After getting the baby ready I had to go upstairs to Austins room and wake him up. He had to portray a grouchy version of himself, not happy to be up. I should have left him in bed and did the real thing, but I woke him early, he showered got clean pj's on and hopped back into bed when he was ready for his "wake up scene". His took 4 takes in order to get various points of view

3.) I had to be down in the kitchen starting breakfast for the family. I had to cook bacon eggs hash browns and toast, get the babies fruit and cereal ready. During which time Chris was arriving home from work (he works midnights) and coming to help.

4.) We had to eat breakfast and converse as a family on camera. So uncomfortable. Then Chris went to bed and Austin did his chores.

5.)I had to be filmed going grocery shopping with the baby. They had to relabel all the food, to cover the logos and brand names. So weird! Then I had to be filmed loading the car and driving home.

6.) I had to be filmed unloading the car and bringing in all the heavy groceries. Of course this was followed by Putting them away

7.) While I was putting the groceries away Chris and I had to have a conversation about how tired I was and that we should just order take out. Chris called for a bucket of fried chicken on camera.

8.) They had to relabel the food when it arrived so you can't see the KFC logo or name, but you can still see what it is. Then we had to eat on camera again! Today's highlights: $150.00 worth of free groceries, Free KFC Mega meal dinner, multiple compliments on how amazing my little family is, knowing that we have a day off tomorrow!

Today was long again, from 10am-7pm, back at it on Saturday.