Wednesday, August 27, 2008

What have we gotten ourselves in to?

Today was day 1 of filming. First when they arrived at 11:30 were were introduced to the production team. It consisted of Kelly-producer, Meagan-associate producer, Hartley-associate producer, tony-cinematographer/cameraman, Andrew-cameraman, Brian-sound guy, a lady from the legal department (forgot her name), Suzanne- host/dietitian, Steve- Host/fitness expert.

We filmed what they call "confessions". Basically we go on camera and discuss our weight issues, bad habits and anything else in our lives that they want to ask. Some of the questions were: What was the best time in your lives, When were you at your healthiest, Do genes play a factor, what was your life like growing up, do you have illnesses in your family, how are things in the bedroom (I swear they asked)

Sooo many people in our house with so much equipment. Seems so strange to see the behind the scenes. I have some photos to share, to give you an idea of what it looked like.

Me and my hubby-Chris and our baby girl-Ruari
hanging in the kitchen right before we got started

Chris, our son- Austin and our daughter- Ruari

Brian-the sound guy getting Chris set up with a mic pack.

The two cameramen (Andrew-left, Tony-right) setting up

The 2 hosts (Suzanne & Steve) and the producer-Kelly going over the confession questions

During our conversation with the dietitian she gave us journals to record some info. What they are looking for is:

1.) What we eat and how much.

2.) When we eat.

3.) Our emotions/thoughts when we're eating

This will help her to develop a meal plan that is suitable for us and address any underlying reasons behind why we eat.

Day 1 is over, being on day 2 (but let us get a good nights sleep first). This was a REALLY long day. We didn't "wrap" until 9:00pm!!!