Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Whew... We're wiped!

Yesterday we had another day fo filming. We filmed so many things it's hard to remember them all.

Let's see....

* us all learning the workout plan.
*learning the nutritional plan,
*making a healthy breakfast with 3 food groups,
*ordering a pizza that fits into our diet (on occassion),
*Chris and I having a heated discussion about whole wheat.
*Austin and I discussing his refusal to eat breakfast.
*Suzanne going through our fridge/cupboards and garbaging the junk and pop.

I can't really give too many details because then you wouldn't need to watch the show. Let me just say this:


You'll just have to believe me until it airs.

I had a point of near meltdown, when (on camera) Suzanne ad libbed that a box of granola bars was THE ONLY healthy thing in my whole kitchen. I yelled "CUT" Kelly the director looked at my like I was crazy and I told her if that was going to be in the final edit, I would throw them all out on the street and refuse to continue. We might not be the healthiest eaters but I have TONNES of healthy things in my house besides that. She apologized, and told me it was not scripted that she just said it for dramatic purposes and the associate producer made a note not to include that segment. She then rephrased it to say "This is a really healthy option!" After the meltdown was over, my son whispered to me that he thought "I was going all Shaniqua on them." They all heard him and cracked up, thus lightening the mood.

They arrived at 10:30am and were walking out the door at 8:30pm. TEN hours!!! When they left we literally flopped on the couch, exhausted and just vegged for a bit then headed to bed.

side note: My apologies to any reader named Shaniqua...


Susie Q said...

Coleen sweetie! I thought I had lost you...little did I know you had another blog and now you are TV star?? Whao. Now is this something that will air in the US or only in Canada?

I think you are beautiful, brave and glorious. Sweet girl, I am there with you...I am overweight and I can not blame having babies! Okay, so I ate through teh stress of 2 adoptions but I doubt anyone will allow me THAT excuse! : )

Then I tore up my knees, arthritis set in and now I have, ta dah, fibromalagia. So, the weight crept up and I too hate it. And I hate how I feel most days, pain wise. So I SO admire you and your williness to do this. I think it is amazing!

Keep us posted okay? Now that I found you, I can come by lots!! I MISSED you and thought about you often.

Love and hugs,

Shaniqua said...

Ooooh... that's so funny! No offence taken to the Shaniqua referance. I am the stereotype for sure!