Monday, September 22, 2008

Skinny jeans on my chunky butt!!!

I have been wearing my everyday jeans for ages now they are size 22-24 with the 24's being the most comfortable. Well after loosing my first 10lbs I was feeling pretty confident about trying on my skinnier jeans. They are not exactly skinny, but they are a small 20 that I haven't been able to wear for over a year. I thought I would be able to cram myself into them, but I was wrong... I did not need to cram at all, they slid on perfectly!!!

I am thrilled and it is sooo motivating for me!!! I have 2 more pound to get to my first goal of reaching 240.

I still have a long way to go but I can see it's paying off!!!!


Anonymous said...

I think everyone hangs on to an item of clothing as a bench mark. I still have the maid of honor dress I wore 10 years ago for my sister's wedding. When I feel good about myself (about once every 4 months) I try it on and remind myself that it might be a bit snug in the hips but it STILL FITS!!

Amy said...

wow. you are already 10lbs lighter? Thats great but wheres the proof. lol I rember your old blog whe you posted pics of your feet on the scale so you could see the numbers. I loved seeing that.