Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Trainer kicked our butts...

Yesterday Steve, our fabulous personal trainer, came out to show us the workout routine he designed for us. It was designed in a way that we can do it in the local park. No need to go to a gym... yet. He encouraged us to just stick with this routine for at least 2 months before considering a gym. Though once we are ready he is going to come out and help us find a gym that will fit our needs. Did I mention that he owns a chain of upscale gyms? Well he does! We can't afford to go there though and there isn't one in my town.

Steve was the one who went through my cupboards at the beginning of all this. He was horrified by what he saw. We were consuming garbage. So last night he asked if we had made changes. Of course we have!!! He asked to look in the cupboards and fridge and was PROUD of what he saw. No more bad food, all good foods! He is happy that we are really doing it! So are we!

Let's get to it...

Our fitness plan consists of the following:

*Walking EVERY night for 1 hour as a family.

*The workout routine 3 times a week, every other day.

We need to do each item on this list until we can't do it anymore, then switch to the next one.

We walk to the park to workout which is about a 10 minute walk.

Start out with 3 stretches to get warmed up.

jog the length of the park, then walk back
long steps, then walk back
skipping, then walk back etc... each time changing the way we get to the end and walking back.

Reverse crab walking
stepping up and down the bleachers
push ups (using the park benches instead of the ground)
pull ups (using the monkey bars)
curls (bicycle style) in the grass.
The floppy fish (I can't even describe this one lol)
We finish off with a game of soccer, Frisbee, basketball etc
Then we walk back home.

So, now I hurt, but it's a good hurt. You know the expression "no pain, no gain"? Next we get our customer designed meal plan from Suzanne, our nutritionist. She'll be here on Thursday evening. Honestly, we've just been winging it so far by reading labels and using common sense. I'll be thrilled to see what she's come up with for us!


Also, Remember the episode of Oprah from last year, where she had weight loss all-stars as her guests? Terrific people who had lost a large amount of weight? Well this lady name Lynn Bering was featured. She has lost 165 lbs!!!She read my blog and sent me a very encouraging email! I was thrilled to hear it. Plus she also posted my blog on her website! That's HUGE for me and such a compliment!

Here's her story from Oprah:
And her personal Blog:

I hope I am a successful as Lynn! Congrats on keeping it off Lynn!

Thanks for reading!



Anonymous said...

So you are 2 degrees of seperation from Oprah! So cool! BTW you totally rock!!!! I love this blog and your story! Keep up the good work, soon you'll see progress