Friday, September 5, 2008

Working my A$$ off. Literally.

Since it is going to be several days since my personal trainer, Steve will be out to teach us our excercise routine for home, I decided to just wing it until then.

Here is what I am doing:

Bicycle Exercise
Begginer Push ups
Wall push ups
Walking (1 hour/day)

Here's hoping this will help me in the meantime.

Also I have unlocked the comments so that you can comment annonymously now. No need to be registered with Blogger. Please let me know your thoughts and questions!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Coleen,

I tried to send you an email but I don't think it worked. Love following your family's journey through this new lifestyle...I think what you're doing is terrific!! I live in California - will it be airing here? If so, do you know when and what channel? ~Cathy

Anonymous said...

I live in Markham and trying to lose also. You are all amazing. Congrats I am inspired, I think I can do this, I have 55 to lose. I have health issues also and just feel ugly. I know it is hard but WOW you guys are awesome and should be so very proud. As parents what a gift you are giving your children.